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QpiAITM is vertically integrating AI and Quantum technologies in Enterprise solutions, focusing on Tech Agility, Quantum-readiness, and near-term practical utility.

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Enabling extreme modeling, compute, and automation at scale

Integrated vertically

Our modeling technology integrates AI and quantum models for discovering next-level applications at unprecedented complexity and scale.

Full-stack Quantum

Quantum applications and software integrated with classical optimizer and AI-enabled quantum control hardware connecting to qubits, all in a single, unified stack.


Leverage quantum and AI software solutions on the cloud with a roadmap to provision enterprise on-prem deployment of quantum computers.

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Our platform enables businesses to tackle their most computationally challenging issues and provide short-term commercial impact.

Our Products

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Enterprise AI Engine

QpiAI™ Pro is the most collaborative platform to invent, build and deploy AI models in production. Create futuristic innovations in AI by running the platform at functionalities optimized for your enterprise data center.

  • Rich library of base models
  • Deploy models on edge or cloud
  • Monitoring and Observability
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Solve, Optimize, and Scale

Built with deep innovation in quantum computing and mathematical optimization technology, QpiAI™ Opt optimally solves the most complex business problems your industry faces, at scale, with today’s processors.

  • Obtain optimal or near-optimal solutions
  • Solve problems in real-time
  • Modular and Customizable abstractions
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Analyse, Build & Scale

QpiAI™ ML gives your AI a Quantum edge by combining bits, qubits and neurons to build the future of intelligence. Our quantum machine learning tool simplifies the development of quantum models and provides seamless access to quantum hardware backends.

  • Hybrid models
  • Seamless integration
  • Composable workflows
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Hybrid Quantum-Classical System Architecture

QpiAI™ hybrid quantum-classical system provides an integrated three chip solution interfacing quantum processing unit Optimusprime with Bumblebee classical cryogenic controller and Trion universal optimiser chip.

  • Quantum Vantage
  • Quantum Control
  • Hybrid Advantage
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Play, Learn & Explorer

QpiAI™ Explorer is the fastest way to learn, build ML & AI Models, play with Quantum Computing, and keep up to date with AI & Quantum World.

  • Everything that you need — Simplified.
  • Loaded with tools to Prepare
  • Keep yourself on toe with latest and advanced tools in your hand
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Use Cases

QpiAI Is All You Need

Logistics & Distributions

Vehicle Routing
Workforce Scheduling
Resource Allocation/Utilization

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Network Design
Transportation Mode Selection

Banking & Financial Services

Portfolio Optimization
Transaction Settlement
Collateral Allocation
Risk Analysis

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

Structure Determination
Structural Design Optimization

Energy, Oil & Gas

CCSTU Networks
Energy Grid Optimisation
Smart Grid Management
Anomaly Detection


Sensor Position Optimization
Factory Floor Planning
Digital Twins