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AI and Quantum vertically integrated

At QpiAITM, we are leading effort in discovering most optimal AI and Quantum systems in Life sciences, Healthcare, Transportation, Finance, Industrial, Space technologies and deploying them at the speed of light. QpiAI is a subsidiary of Qpi Technology. QpiAI is well supported by other Qpi Technology subsidiaries, Qpicloud which is pioneering next gen Quantum and AI cloud computing and SuperQ which is into next gen superconductivity based products such as motors, single photon detectors, high temperature qubits, material discovery using Quantum and AI based discovery engine. While, Qpivolta is a premium battery design and manufacturing company with focus on next generation solid state batteries based on Quantum and AI simulation, synthesis and manufacturing technology.

Quantum and AI ML Solutions Quantum and AI ML Solutions

Leaders in Technology

Our team builds on Deep expertise in AI, Machine Learning, Quantum software, Algorithms, HPC, Security, and Quantum Hardware to build integrated AI and Quantum computing solutions.


Full-Stack Capabilities

We are vertically integrating Quantum software, Hardware, and Applications to deliver end-to-end Quantum solutions to enterprises with on-prem deployments and secure cloud access.



Our mission is to provide immediate or near-term practical advantage across various industry use-cases with actual realisations in enterprise workflows interfacing with analytics and security.


Built for Impact

Our products are designed with futuristic technology to deliver value today, create impact and improve business outcomes.

Team that is

Deeply Passionate about serving customers with AI and Quantum Technology solutions


Team Member

Dr. Nagendra Nagaraja, PhD

Founder, CEO and Chairman of the Board

Team Member

Lakshya Priyadarshi

Senior Director - Quantum Software

Team Member

Sachin Kumar

Vice President for Engineering - AI

Team Member

Ritika Singh

Senior HR Manager

Team Member

Dr. Manjunath R V, PhD

Vice President - Quantum Hardware and Research

Team Member

Chandan Kar Sharma

Vice President - Finance

Team Member

Swati Kumari

Senior Director - Operations

Advisory Council

Team Member

Dr. Madhusudan Atre Ph.D.

Chair Advisory Council

Team Member

Dr. Navakanta Bhat

Advisor CMOS Quantum Fabrication

Team Member

Dr. Ujjwal Sen

Advisor Quantum Information Science

Team Member

Dr. S. A. Shivashankar

Advisor Materials & Superconductivity

Team Member

Vishal Chatrath

Advisor Business and Strategy

Team Member

Dr. Andrew Briggs

Advisor Quantum Technology


C. S. Murali



Ramesh Radhakrishnan

Angel Investor and Advisor


Raj Waghray